Just what I needed.

Last week, my 94 year old great grandmother passed, (this is why I took a short break from posting). She was such an amazing woman and we were extremely saddened to watch her leave. A day later, a package came in the mail for me from Abby. It contained my boyfriend's birthday gift, and this surprise photograph, which was like a smile in an envelope- something I was totally needing at that time. Isn't it gorgeous?! I can't stop raving about her work, exemplified here and also here . It goes without saying that I am currently on a hunt for a fabulous frame, any ideas?

*Recently, I am excited to share, Abby Powell was nominated for a Poppie, which are awards to hand made artists, in order to bring a greater awareness of them to the community in general. You and I both know that you have a minute to spare, so vote for her here!  As always, happy weekend! Xx

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