Welcome back.

A week break from blogging was needed, but I missed you, so I couldn't stay away for long. I hope everyone had a fabulous new year. Unlike I had anticipated, the last seconds of 2009 weren't so miserable, and I already have high expectations. I have numerous "to do's" on my 2010 list. I refuse to make new years resolutions, so what I propose in substitution are goals to accomplish within the next year. Still with me? Okay, good. During the weekend over my routine green tea, I fell in love with France! I have always had a crush on the chic country, but my feelings were reassured page by page, while looking through French magazines and after watching (and drooling) over the movie Julie & Julia. Alors... goal numero uno kiddies, make time for France.

Reason #1: Maccaroons. I heard this little spot has an amazing selection, and since I've never had, what a fabulous place to start.

Reason #2: Champagne.

Reason #3: I would love to become friends with the local charcuterie guy. *cough, free cheese, cough, cough* I'm sure there is a proper word for this cheese man, which brings me to reason #4.

Reason #4: Brush up on my French. Seven years of french classes, and I can maybe only remember a third of what I have learned. Sad.

I can't wait to go! Who's with me. Now if you excuse me, I am off to figure out a date and look up carry on restrictions. I would love to hear some of your goals for this year. *Raises invisible mimosa. 

-PSSSSST. Here are a few pictures taken on Thursday, courtesy of my beautiful, exuberant, and graceful friend, Melody.

{My best girlfriend, Abigail and I. Real quick, Check out Old Soul New Heart for chic headbands and gorgeous jewelry. I am completely smitten with this little thing that I was sporting new years night.}

{Boyfriend, left, and Patrick, right, dancing to the white rap group haha at a local bar. They might be related.}



  1. Oooo, I've been to Lauderee! It *is* beautiful and tasty, but it's not the only one - Paris has so many fabulous, delectable patisseries that are fun to window shop alone.

    You forgot one other thing - shoes! I was struck by how many French women wear really nice shoes, everywhere, and with any outfit. On the subway, walking the dog, you name it. Flip flops are a sure sign of Americans, but when you go to France I'm sure you'll have no problem fitting right in being the style star you are!

  2. Omgosh, you're so right! There's no doubt in my mind that I may or may not be coming back to the States with some beyond fabulous pairs. It's only fair, right? I am so excited!

  3. I'm reading your blog since few minutes and I wanted to leave a little comment on one of your posts, why not the one about France !
    Paris is a city to visit, I know it perfectly, I visit it every week since ever (yes, I live in Paris, well near Paris). If you want address, sent me an email ! ;)