Glisten and glow.

I'm all for colorful headpieces, especially when the world surrounding me is blinding white with snow, but there's something so angelic about a white beaded headband., in my opinion, has executed this technique to perfection. Even though these are part of the bridal collection, bride or ballet dancer, they just work. I'm not sure it it is the brilliance of the photography or the overall design, but these images are causing me to second guess my plan for saving as much as I can for European shopping. Stay strong Keri, stay strong.


Although, I do encourage any of you to grab one for yourselves. That would make me feel so much better! Xx


  1. I'm pretty obsessed with headbands these days and I love these!

  2. I know, right? They're so divine.

  3. i have seen before - they are gorgeous! lovely blog. xx