The Wonder Years.

With each passing day, the realization that 2009 is quickly headed out the door is becoming more clear, and to tell you the truth, I have mixed emotions about seeing it leave. This past year has been one of my favorite to date, full with accomplishments, lessons learned, and memorable experiences. Here are a few reasons that 2009 will be such a momentous year in my life.

1. I turned 22! My 22nd birthday has been marked as a favorite so far. Not because we did something extravagant, but because I surrounded myself only with my closest friends in the city, and that's all I could have asked for this year.

2. My Senior intership. I obtained an internship which allowed me to eat mini chocolate Birkin bags, master the tape gun, and create and attend gorgeous events, all standing next to my fabulous french friend friend, Amandine.

3. My 15th street apartment. Living in walking distance to these babies are enough to make anyone's year unforgettable! How I miss you, Cupcake Cafe. But by far, my favorite thing to do in my neighborhood was to take a late night stroll in the west village with wonderful the company of my boyfriend, and stop into Magnolia's for a spontaneous sugar fix.

4. Graduation. Four years of the Fashion Institute of Technology, coming to an end. My first reaction was "Finally!," but after some time, it really set in. I learned so much about life, people, and clothes (two words, Textiles class), that those four years flew by and now all that's left are hysterical photos, gorgeous shoes, and a diploma. The closing of one chapter, now on to the next.

5. My older brother's wedding. I finally have that sister that I begged for for years.

6. Coming to the realization of what I'm made of. I've been thrown a couple of curve balls this year, overcoming them and accomplishing great things proves to no one other than myself, my strongest attributes.

What are some of your favorite moments from this past year? Xx

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  1. #5 Is my Fav!!! DUHH!! Love you Sis, you are the best and mean the WORLD to me!