Jingle bell time.

I'm having a complete "holidays and me" day. A day to reflect on my recent endeavors, organize my thoughts, and bust out the at home pampering products while simultaneously indulging in a few favorite christmas flicks. So to share my me day with you darling people, I am dashing around the house, tea mug in hand, capturing images of things that bring me the most joy without having to wander outside the premises of my residence.

{Thanks to these little guys, the house now smells comparable to a gingerbread bakery}

{Nothing is more perfect than cozying down with these holiday classics and my *favorite* blanket}

{Lately, I have been finding myself very tight-knit to this hat}

{Snow lying on evergreen trees will forever be one of my dearest memories}

{I essentially live in these boots. They hold a special place in my heart as my survival item during a few NYC winters.}

{A pretty star on the tree, doesn't it look so gleeful?}

{I love you, tea}

I hope this post inspires you to devote a day to rekindle or indulge in some holiday spirit. Xx
You and I both know you will. All together now... life is awesome.


  1. What a sweet post! And thank you for your sweet comment, too:) I had such a looong work day that I am really looking forward to taking a *me* day tomorrow. Hot cocoa, movies, and curling up on the couch with the baby and the dogs = perfect. :)

  2. Love Actually is a must for us! It's "our" movie and the soundtrack even made an appearance in our wedding. : )