It's insane how for such a long time, everyone prepares for the holiday season months in advance, and in a matter of just a couple of hours, all your left with is wrapping paper on the floor, empty champagne glasses, and crumbs on the cookie platter. After all was said and done though, my Christmas was completely unforgettable. My favorite moment had to be when my mom opened up her new set of engagement rings, (tres long story). The look on her face was priceless when she opened up the tiny box. Here's to the ever rapidly approaching New Year. Yes, I still have mixed feelings. What was your favorite memory from this past holiday, darlings?

{ I love vintage photographs, there's something so perfect about them. I found this one at my Grandparents house during their holiday party, of them on their wedding. Precious}

{ Apples to apples round two on Christmas Eve }

{ Dad, early Christmas morning }

{Days prior to Christmas, Ruby found the stash of presents and took it upon herself to open up three, only one was actually hers}

{The moments of the rings}


{All jokes aside, folks, you need this stuff }

{Champagne has infiltrated the "kid's table"}

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  1. Your mom's diamonds are beautiful (almost as beautiful as she is). You too, are an amazing woman Miss Keri!