Oh, City.

How I miss thee. After a couple of months, I am back in the city that I formally called home. Although, when I was living in Manhattan, there were some aspects that I couldn't get over such as trash all over the place, holding my breath in the parts of town that didn't exactly smell like roses, and cabs speeding up to see which jay walking pedestrian they can hit, there are some parts of me that really truly miss it here. First and foremost, the window displays this time of year... buh-na-nas. Secondly, while turning down a random street I found three camels... I don't know, who ever does in New York. And thirdly, I almost forgot how much I missed my stores here! Scampering down these streets all of a sudden made me realize how much I need fur earmuffs, and a new wool coat, perhaps a new pair of cute knee high boots, and some red lipstick. Oh, and a darling winter hat. Needless to say, major shopping will be occurring within the next few hours.

How funny are they? Have a fabulous day, my lovely readers!

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