Forgive me, readers.

One of my favorite blogs to visit daily is The Lil Bee . No matter what kind of mood I happen to be stuck in, her writing usually gets me cracking up in a matter of a few minutes. One post of hers, here, consisted of her confessions, (all of them adorable), so it inspired me to get a few things off of my chest as well. Here we go...

Confession #1: Mama Mia's Slipping through my fingers, makes me cry like an infant time after time. Please, no judgement.

Confession #2: I go through very perilous Taco Bell addictions about every other month. I have been sober three weeks and five days... I know, I'm so proud of myself, too.  *Please note: My addiction is only to Cheesy Gordita Crunches, all other items on the menu gross me out. Another note: The fact that I keep babbling on about my fast food frenzy holds doubt that I have successfully overcome my dependancy.

Confession #3: My dog Ruby, might be my absolute best friend. Although she can't technically talk, she totally gets me.

Confession #4: I am an avid viewer of the show Hoarders. I'm completely hooked.

Confession #5: It took me three years living in Manhattan, before I learned and willingly took the subway by myself.

Okay, I'm glad that's over with! If you would like to 'fess up to anything here, go for it. Remember, there is no judgement here. What happens in my comments, stays in my comments.

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