Playing Pretend for a Day.

I haven't played "pretend" since I was a little girl, but there is change in the air. Currently as I am snuggled under my favorite blanket watching "Say Yes to the Dress", with the beginning signs of what I believe to be a cold, outside there is a mix of freezing rain and snow. Let's pretend that I wasn't sick, and the snow outside resembled fluffy mounds of Cool Whip rather than gray slushy goodness. And also, let's pretend that I lived in London, and decided to spend the day holiday shopping through tiny cobble stone streets, and stopping into quaint coffee shops for scones and cups of fabulous European tea, and everyone has those fabulous little accents (think The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz). Now let's play dress up, here's what I am wearing today in my pretend world!

Sunner Jacket.

Cheers! Xx

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