Chocolate and Mint.

A favorite holiday tradition that all of my girlfriends and I have shared since we were Birtney and Christina-loving pre teens, is the annual Cookie Party at my friend Abigail's house. Although it seems we have gradually traded in pastry bags for glasses of Pinot Nior and Chianti, every year the five of us meet at the same spot and share tons of laughs and one of a kind conversations. The holiday's bring about such great excuses to get decked out in flirty party dresses, throw "Just Because it's the Holiday" parties, and bake up a festive storm in the kitchen. Yesterday, I had a little cookie party of my own and created these edible beauties (found here, and here), but good company, aside from my boxer, Ruby, was definitely missing.

Have a great weekend.


  1. You're so talented! From your writing, to your photography, to your baking... you really put your all into your work. Good job with everything!

  2. Love those cookies - they look so elegant and I bet aren't hard to make! I remember that first year after college when I was back at home but my friends weren' was a bummer but I look back now and remember it as a "pause" in my life before things started moving again. It's pretty clear you've got a lot of great talent and other stuff going on, and I love reading your blog. Hope you get to meet up with your friends soon!!

  3. This just made me want to hug you and never leave your side. xoxo