The Mystery of Male-Oriented Gifts.

It's that time of year again, the wonderful holiday season where year after year I am continually reminded how complex it is to shop for the men in my life. Of course I have made a list of endless gift possibilities for my mother (so if anyone is wondering what to get her for Christmas, hit me up), but when it came to the hunt for more male-oriented gifts, my list was bare. So after much searching, and I do mean mucho, I have found a couple of unique manly items that perhaps the males in your life wouldn't mind unwrapping. Lets roll up our sleeves and grab a beer while we hunt for, "man presents."

Scandinavian Details , has a moose shot glass. It can also be doubled as a candle holder. How fancy of you, SD. $30

Whisky Rocks , you know, so your whisky doesn't get cold and watery from real ice cubes. Genius if you ask my opinion. $20- $55 depending on the quantity of stones.

Who doesn't love a good picture and frame as a gift? Here's a rugged way to capture and display some favorite moments. Bike Chain Frame , $36-$40.

It's difficult in my mind to think of a guy who dislikes breakfast food, so it goes without saying that it will be difficult to find a guy who doesn't deep down inside want a toast clock . "But just stop for a moment and think of a world without toast, scary isn't it?" Baron Bob. $24.95.

By far, the best guy gift I've come across by far. The War Bowl by Dominic Wilcox takes little plastic warriors, melts some to form a bowl while leaving the surviving tiny soldiers to be displayed in or around the masterpiece. $400.

After all of that testosterone, a much needed feminine photo of the pretty tea parlor, Crown and Crumpet is in order. Happy shopping and have the best day. Xx



  1. Oh, this one is great. I chuckled quite a few times reading this! Thanks you made my day!

  2. I couldn't agree more!!! I think there are a couple of things here to get my hubby!!!

  3. ok the toast clock is making me hungry !