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Yesterday, I set out on a small adventure to find a pair of sneakers that are versatile while being cute at the same time. I found these shoes during my unfortunate trip to the mall. I believe that the city has spoiled me forever with the countless corner boutiques with anything and everything you could ever want located in quaint little shops. Now when walking into a mall, my heart starts racing- in a bad way, and all of a sudden I'm tense and looking around at other mall people trying to avoid closeness and contact.  Anyways, as I was saying, nestled upon a shelf at a sneaker store, was a really adorable pair of Puma's. They're comfortable, feminine, and black. And, they're under $100. Needless to say, I exited the mall doors more excited than when I entered 15 minutes before.

Puma Sneakers $79

If these adorable shoes don't inspire you to kick butt in a spinning class, here's a "Snakes Doing Yoga" cake, created last month for my yoga loving, snake whispering aunt for her birthday. Happy working out. 

Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
Cocoa Butter Cream Icing
Vanilla Fondant Snakes, Yoga Mats, Flowers, and Birthday Sign.

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