The Fall LBD.

The LBD. Go into any girls closet, anywhere, and you'll find at least one essential and reliable little black dress. My favorite dress I own is a sleeveless Helmut Lang asymmetrical black dress that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. I wore this dress to my college graduation, wore it out with friends on my birthday, and dressed it down with a pair of flat boots and a sweater for classes. I love it to death but the one thing I wish that I could add to it for the colder season is to implement longer sleeves. If my friend was having a party on her patio I would opt to wear my dress, except for the fact that it is getting chillier, and I would have to find a sweater or a little throw in addition to keep warm. The solution was found while searching on where I spotted the PERFECT fall LBD. Hello, Michelle Mason. I love this dress because of not only the long sleeves, but also I love the open back. From the front it is conservative and cute, but turn around and its a completely different story. Wear this dress with rugged black boots, or a sexy sky high heel. This LBD will be right with you every strut of the way.

Mason by Michelle Mason, $242


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