The Tale of a "Guy Cake".

As I previously stated, my dad's birthday was over the weekend. When thinking of ideas for his birthday cake I knew right away that I needed to incorporate one thing. Beer. Besides, what says "Guy Cake," more than that? After brainstorming for a couple minutes and drawing up some sketches, I came to the conclusion to make a beer bucket cake with rice crispy treat beer bottles that were labeled, "Happy B.Day", perfect.

So many people think that coming up with the actual idea is the hardest part. Wrong. The entire day was spent making a four layer chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream icing. When I went to place the fondant on top of the four layer cake, it split in two, as did I. All day baking a cake and putting so much effort into it, and it literally all went down the garbage disposal. After staring at the mess for a good while figuring out what to do, I sent it on its way down the drain, cleaned up, and tried again with better luck. All in all, my dad was ecstatic when he finally got to see his cake. The mess and stress was completely worth it.

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