Proenza Schouler's Runway Riot.

You can tell that Proenza Schouler's designers, Lazario Hernandez and Jack McCollough, had a lot of fun putting together their Spring '10 collection. Their inspiration for these pieces? "We wanted something young, something that felt fresh, so we looked to surfing and skating, the things we grew up on." Certainly, these elements of boyish childhood shined in even some of the most feminine items. The tie-die, which doesn't even look remotely close to Woodstock.Or the "track jackets wrapped around the waist," look which can easily be mistaken for rough girly layers. I love to see a collection full of vibrant and elaborate color palettes as the cute little dresses below. Shrunken pupils and all, I am very excited for Proenza to hit the stores this upcoming season. But then again, aren't I always.

Proenza Schouler Spring '10 Collection

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