Cheese(iest) Cakes.

My mom and I are taking a gumpaste class locally to learn how to perfect our flower making technique. Well, yesterday night we had the pleasure of covering our cakes with our homemade marshmallow fondant (YUM!) and then following, we placed what they call a, "Handkerchief", on top. And to finish it off, our lovable instructor, Michelle, had us place a fondant ribbon around the bottom circumference of our cheesy cakes. At the end of the class, there we were, zonked and zoned, covered in powdered sugar, staring at two, what I call Superwoman cakes because of the "Handkerchief". Which to me coincidentally looks more like a cape. Fly away!

Mom's cake (left) Yellow Cake, Vanilla Butter cream with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Raspberry frosting, and Marshmallow Fondant.
My Cake (right) Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Butter cream and Vanilla/Marshmallow Fondant Mix.
Shoes: Left, Chloe.
Right, Brian Atwood

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