Tough Cookie.

Last week, I read somewhere five things to do in the next year to "Spruce Up Your Life". One of the missions was to buy an item of clothing that isn't you. When I decided to take on this challenge first, mainly because it was an excuse to shop, I immediately thought of the Frye Engineer boot. When I first told my friend, Katie, that I purchased the boyish boots she said to me, "But Ker, you're a Brian Atwood!" And she couldn't be more correct. As I mentioned before,  I love ruffles, pink, and cupcakes. Not whisky shots, brass knuckles, and sleeve tattoos. But they have something je ne sais quoi about them. I love that when I pair them with a cute short tulip dress, it automatically adds an unexpected flirtatious edginess. I can't wait for colder weather to perfect the layered look and wear them with black opaque tights, a mini skirt, and a little grey leather jacket topped off with a gorge scarf. But for now, pairing with a short feminine dress is what I prefer.

Vogue, June '07.

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