Mounds of Frosting.

When my mom told me that my Aunt wanted us, out of all of the bakeries in town, to make a cake for her birthday, an overwhelming sense of excitement came  over me mainly because she is a frosting nut and we could go crazy with the butter cream on her cake. And if you can tell me anyone who doesn't love to go overboard decorating with frosting then I will personally send you a cake and a frosting bag to help you or whoever, experience the thrill. Think of the episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, when Kate takes the kids for a day of decorating at Charm City Cakes . After the kids were finished, the cakes were piled with, I kid you not, a cornucopia of at least five inches of blue, pink, and yellow frosting.

Since my Aunt has always liked dragonflies, we put together a dragonfly cake without skipping on the excess of frosting. Her birthday was yesterday and I'm pretty sure that she is still buzzing off of a cake induced sugar high. Happy birthday, Holly!

Vanillia Cake, Vanilla Butter Cream Icing
Gum Paste Dragonflies

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  1. The BEST and most beautiful cake I have ever had!
    Your frosting is delicious and the cake was so moist!
    Thank you so much!