DIY Giant Flower Headband.

For me, there are some things in life that don't come big enough. Such as Reese cups and headbands. A couple months ago, I was out on a mission to find a really fun, overstated, and of course girly headband. While shopping numerous stores, to much dismay, the headbands that were found were small, average, and less than attention grabbing. These are much more my cup of tea (minus the feathered bands), but since I am trying this new technique of saving money, spending $130 on a headband isn't practical for my recently developed implementation. So, I gave making my own a shot, it was astonishingly really easy and I ended up spending considerably less on materials while getting the same BIG effect as some of my favorites.


A plain headband, silk flower of your choosing, ribbon if desired, and crystals for embellishment.

Bake as Directed:

Preheat glue gun to 350 degrees. If you want to add an extra finished touch, wrap a ribbon of your choice around a glue covered headband. Make sure to wrap the band, one end to the other, extremely tight so there's no chance of unraveling while wearing.

Set, the now ribbon swaddled headband, aside. With your heated glue gun, join together two small flowers. Let sit for a couple minutes until dry and firm. Then add small crystals random parts of the flower.

Pinpoint exactly where you would like to place the flowers. It is easier to do this while wearing the headband so that you can strategically place them where it looks appropriate. After you have found a spot, take your glue gun again, and make the final marriage of the flower to the headband. Let stand before wearing- no one likes glue in their hair, that's no fun.

Wearing the White Flower, piece of cake really.

and the black...

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