More Hours in a Day, Please.

Isn't it funny how in a matter of minutes your weekend can go from a carefree dinner reservation and watching movies, to a frenzied mess of going out to dinner, then making a cake and two dozen cupcakes at very short notice, local news interview, and then finding it in you to settle down and watch a movie? Sometimes it seems as though there isn't enough time in one day, so who can I speak with to add more hours? Yesterday was our first and sudden local news interview spotlighting Cuppity Cake. The reporter filmed us whipping up some frosting and decorating regular and bite sized cakes, and then interviewed both my mom and I separately. I still have yet to see the story mainly because I find it painful to watch and or hear myself on TV. After the reporter had packed up and left, we let out a huge breath of "I can't believe that just happened," and decided to go for a fall hike up to see my grandparents. So with cupcakes in hand, we set off for the walk. I always seem to overlook how beautiful it is around here during the fall season. The warm colors of the leaves alone, are enough to make you stop and take in the greatness of it all.


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  1. It's beacuse of that TV interview that I started reading your blog from Baltimore! Fun stuff - I love your combo of fashion and food. Keep it coming!