Mood Polish.

The smallest changes or additions have the potential to change someone's mood and outlook on any given day. Currently, to officially make the plunge into autumn, I am storing away my perky purple, neon yellow and blinding pink nail polishes to make room for more darker hues of plumb, navy, and gray. After my fall hike a couple days ago, I realized that a small and simple update in nail lacquer is without a doubt necessary. And for under $10, the refashion is also quite inexpensive but effective none the less. Today I am running out to pick up the newest addition to my fall colors. I am a little obsessed with OPI's matte collection consisting of a matte version of my favorite, Russian Navy, a white polish named Alpine Snow, and my new favorite, a matte grayish brown called You Don't Know Jacques! ( I love the clever names they come up with. I'd take that job in a heartbeat!) Happy Fall Painting everyone!

Avon's "Midnight Plum"

OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques!"

Photo: Vampy Varnish

By request, here is the Cuppity Cake news story link! Enjoy!

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