A Haunted Weekend.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back! Early Friday morning, I left on a plane back to my old home city of Manhattan to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend and his family. The trip was filled to the brim with haunted houses, amazing food, and more haunted houses. We went out to my favorite restaurant in Long Island called The Bellport and indulged in red wine and a fancied-up version of the comfort food, buttermilk fried chicken. Following dinner and a few glasses of wine later, we walked up the street with the wind blowing, to a haunted walk. Needless to say my eyes were shut 90 percent of the time, I don't do very well with haunted anything. On Sunday we made a two hour drive out to Six Flags for Fright Fest. Amazingly somehow I ended up riding, without a doubt, the scariest roller coaster there- kingda ka. And again, once the sun disappeared, as did my smile for we were off to another two haunted walks. But I'm back now, and have such a busy week of baking ahead of me and we have another local news interview in a couple hours! One, two, three... go!

Lovely Boyfriend and I at Fright Fest.

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