Get Teal.

Every three to five years my bedroom goes through a transition of wall colors and occasional decor. As of right now my walls are multicolored, light pink on two walls, a butter cream on one, and a dark fuschia on the other. While searching for a new color palette, a pattern seemed to reoccur within the images that were catching my eye. Teal walls with gold or rose accents. Typically it's rare to find a color scheme in my room that wanders far from the families of pink or purple, but there's something so chic and modern about intermixing the bold color of teal with the more victorian and feminine pieces of furniture that I already possess. Now the only thing left that needs some adjustment is the carpet...

Photo; Steven Randazzo,, 
if any of these are your pictures let me know so I can give credit where it is deserved!

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  1. Wow!! i just love all these photos!! They look soo comfortable and cozy. I esp. LOVE the fur wallpaper:)