I (Really, Really) Heart Amy Atlas.

My last semester of college was spent mostly at my fabulous internship at world renowned fashion house, Hermes, in the Special Events department. During my time at my internship I fell in love with event planning and learned how to transform an empty echoing event hall to something that Cinderella couldn't even dream up. Along with event planning, baking has always been my other fixation, but I could never comprehend how the two could go hand in hand... that was before I came across the company, Amy Atlas Events . Convinced that I had found the best pick me up ever, I was searching countless cupcake and baking blogs, admiring sweetly adorned cookies, and cupcakes topped with whipped pastel colored frosting. When I came across Amy Atlas' website, I was in awe at pictures of events held for corporate meetings, baby showers, and weddings. Amy Atlas is a company that combines the art of event planning with extraordinary pastries and cakes. (Aka my dream company). The color coordination of the events, and the exquisite yet simple desserts, are what really caught my eye. Take a look for yourself. (Here )

Photo: Amyatlas.com

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