The Quintessential Halloween Accessory.

Knuckle Duster Clutch, Alexander McQueen

Unlike our childhood days, instead of scampering around neighborhoods going door to door in costumes constructed of cheap materials and collecting small portions of candy, most of us will find ourselves in a similar yet vastly different situation. Many will be scampering about to neighborhood bars and lounges, again in costumes of cheap fabrics, collecting and consuming candy in the form of liquid. Finding a clutch that doesn't throw off the eery tone of Halloween yet still stands fashionable can be a difficult task. Thank goodness for Alexander McQueen. The Knuckle Duster Clutch, (here ) is perfect for this Saturday evening with the mini skulls and the "don't mess with me" brass knuckle handle. Don't expect this tiny statement to leave your open hands when Thriller hits the speakers.

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