Notice a Theme?

I really can't stop. As Halloween night draws nearer, I am aware that the majority of my posts this week are revolving around the upcoming holiday. It's difficult to refrain when I discover new (and really simple) festive desserts and eye-catching gothic accessories. If you're not exactly in the mood yet, hopefully these images and ideas will inspire some creepy spirit.

 I love these Guiseppe Zanotti boots (here ) because they would totally  be found on a modern day glam mummy.

I keep running across the most adorable little Halloween inspired treats, and this idea (here ) is too simple and cute not to share.

All you need are marshmallows, edible ink markers, and some skewers. Before drawing the designs on the marshmallows, make sure to let them sit out a while so that the exterior is easier to write on.

Alexander Wang's Silk Grommet Dress is currently my favorite dress in existence at the moment. The detail on the shoulder brings to mind Sunday Night Football and gives the short feminine dress a little edge. And paired with the Guiseppe boots above, ahhhhh I'm in love.

Once I find the time (I still have yet to carve a pumpkin) I am definitely whipping up some of these Halloween appropriate whoopie pies. They have always held a strong first place in my list of top desserts and they're just too cute to pass up. Wanna Hava Cookie has tons of edible gift ideas and taste as delicious as they look.

Forever 21 is constantly surprising me with their impressive collection of skirts this season. I can't ever seem to have enough black and flirty skirts and this is the next one on my "Buy List". And for the price, who cares if you spill champagne on it at a Halloween party, you can stock up on the same item for backup without breaking the bank.

I had the hardest time figuring out which dog costume to post, so I opted for the "chili pepper" which to me looks more like Buddy the Elf. They're all too funny,  if you have a canine and are at all into dressing him/her up for Halloween, I suggest you look here first.

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